Weekendcore: Yellowcard – “Life of a Salesman”

Happy Father’s Day to all of TPS’ dad readers!  It’s surprisingly hard to find positive songs about dads in our world.  I was thinking about “Father of Mine” and all those, and having trouble sifting through the negative.  Finally, though, Yellowcard came through in the clutch.

“Life of a Salesman” appears on Ocean Avenue, the band’s 2003 breakthrough.  Giving a nod to acclaimed play Death of a Salesman, lyrics like “Took me by the hand and you showed me how to be a bigger man, dad/Listen when you talk, dad/Follow where you walk, dad” cover the profound influence of a father-son relationship.  The song itself features a solid main violin riff and sweet guitar effect in the verses (flanger?).

Yellowcard of course called it quits earlier this year.  They left a sizeable hole in the pop-punk world, and really alternative in general.  Ocean Avenue put them on the map, and while “Life of a Salesman” wasn’t one of its singles, it’s as good as any for Dad on his day.


Yellowcard online:


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