Weekendcore: The Story So Far – “Empty Space”

Sometimes I am reminded by my fiancée that I can even enjoy the simplicity of using my iPhone’s Bluetooth to listen to music in the car.  This week that happened, and I rocked a bunch of The Story So Far (which led to JOKES YO).  That said, let’s rock ’em here too for “Weekendcore” shall we?

“Empty Space” is off 2013’s What You Don’t See, TSSF’s sophomore album.  The first verse kicks in a bar earlier than you’d think it would, and a simple bridge actually intercepts what would be the second chorus; it’s only after that and yet another verse that the chorus comes back.  Tricky tricky.  The song name-drops the album title, and is probably my favourite offering on it.

The Story So Far are working on the follow-up to 2015’s self-titled, which followed What You Don’t See.  That’ll surely be awesome, and provide singles and non-singles that fill a pop-punk-loving heart as much as “Empty Space”.

The Story So Far online:


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