Weekendcore: Stone Temple Pilots – “Lady Picture Show”

As mentioned in Friday’s review, I finally read Scott Weiland’s 2011 autobiography Not Dead & Not for Sale last week.  In honour of that, why not have this “Weekendcore” look back at a single from the late frontman’s most well-known musical venture?

“Lady Picture Show” was released off Stone Temple Pilots’ third album, 1996’s Tiny Music… Songs from the Vatican Gift Shop (which is still one of my all-time favourite album names).  The song has a Beatles-esque vibe, with my favourite part being the solo; its whimsical shimmy ends sped up, and it’s all good.  This album cycle was a tumultuous time for the band, which resulted in most of their support tour being a no-go due to Weiland’s drug habit.

Stone Temple Pilots are an official trio at the moment, with Weiland being kicked out two years before his 2015 passing.  Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington was in for a bit, but juggling both bands was too much so they need a new vocalist.  Once upon a time STP had one of alt-rock’s best, and it’s he who’s at the helm of “Lady Picture Show”.

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