Weekendcore: Smashing Pumpkins – “For Martha”

It’s Mother’s Day.  Some of us can see our mom in person, some have to simply call/Skype/FaceTime/whatever and some can’t get in touch at all.  For this edition of “Weekendcore”, we’re doing a hauntingly beautiful and sombre track that covers the latter.

Billy Corgan’s mother died of cancer in 1996.  He took it harder than he thought he would, and “For Martha” appeared on 1998’s Adore in tribute.  The 1:20 intro is almost entirely piano, with drums (guest done by the famed Matt Cameron) coming in right at the end before the vocals kick in.  At over eight minutes long, the song is largely driven by interludes.  The intro piano comes back near the end before an effect-laden outro, with that combination taking up the last couple of minutes.

I was thinking of featuring less of a downer for this post, but what the hell…the Pumpkins are awesome.  The fact is, Billy Corgan and many others aren’t able to communicate with their mother today.  My fiancée went up to Moncton, New Brunswick and took hers out for dinner, and I called mine in Oshawa, Ontario.  We’re lucky in that way, and I hope you are too.  Either way, Happy Mother’s Day to your mom, yourself if you’re a mom and all moms – for Martha, and for you.

Smashing Pumpkins online:


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