Weekendcore: Mix compilations

KB Music in the bottom-right corner!  Teenage me gave my mixes a label don’tcha know.

These days, if people aren’t listening to the radio or proper CDs in their vehicle they’re likely playing music off their phone.  After heading out of town this weekend and listening in that fashion, I got to thinking about how you never hear of the old tried-and-true illegal way people used to put random songs together anymore.

Many years ago, people used to burn mix CDs.  Many MANY years before that, cassettes were the medium.  But, does anyone still do that?  I can’t remember the last time I heard of someone actually making a physical mix comp.  I certainly haven’t in ages, and I suppose with the ease of iTunes and Apple Music and the like there’s really no need to make the effort.  Buying an artist’s physical releases helps them, but burning a multi-artist playlist of choice songs doesn’t really add value does it?

So…I’m not planning to burn a mix CD again anytime soon, but you know, part of me will still look back fondly on that era.  *wonders how many younger readers are confused* *feels so old*

*Teenage Kevin Bottaro and TPS would like to clarify that LimeWire was shitty and illegal downloads are satanic and never happened because that would’ve been wrong.  (Whew!)

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