Weekendcore: Matthew Good Band – “Apparitions”

This edition of “Weekendcore” is actually this weekend’s second, but that’s because we had the unexpected and tragic news of Chester Bennington’s suicide.  This post is the one I had planned, and it’s the perfect way to end the feature.

Matthew Good Band broke up in 2002.  They spent their tenure as one of Canada’s foremost alt-rock acts, and are still my all-time favourite band from this country.  Their 1997 sophomore effort Underdogs featured “Apparitions”, which is still my favourite song of all-time.  It starts with just vocals and guitar before the bass and drums join for the latter half of the chorus.  Said chorus rocks the ride cymbal while Matt Good sings the simple refrain of “Apparitions” (just the word itself).  The solo is pretty simple, but makes good use of effects.  It’s a ballad, it’s beautiful and it’s, as Tina Turner would say, simply the best.

These days, Matthew Good is solo.  MGB only released four full-lengths, and Good alone has released seven proper.  I love him, but the old days are still my favourite.  “Apparitions” has yet to be topped for me since its release, and as The Perfect Scene comes to a close I owe it to you to share it.  The video is nowhere on YouTube for some reason, but here’s audio so…there’s that.  Just enjoy it!

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