Weekendcore: Linkin Park – “Shadow of the Day”

Chester Bennington’s suicide was yesterday’s biggest story, and shock.  The Linkin Park frontman’s longtime battle with depression and other demons was well known, and an added element to this was the day it happened: what would’ve been Chris Cornell’s 53rd birthday.  They were very close, and Bennington took Cornell’s May suicide very hard.  Whether or not that played any role in this, rock has lost one of its best talents in the saddest way possible.

Linkin Park’s third album is 2007’s Minutes to Midnight.  That’s when they started to branch out from nu-metal, and the best single from it is absolutely “Shadow of the Day”.  The dark, ominous track features an awesome main riff from the keyboard, and other than that the strings really make it.  Mike Shinoda only does brief backup vocals, and the guitar isn’t really on display until the solo.  The song is fairly simple, incredibly resonating and – lyrically as well, as it sings about the end – now more hard-hitting than ever.

Chester Bennington was 41, and leaves behind wife Talinda and six kids.  They no longer have a husband and dad, and we no longer have one of the more talented and influential vocalists of the 2000s.  What’s really sad is it’s entirely possible his state of mind made him feel we’d be better off.  Depression and other mental illnesses are brutal, brutal beasts.  “Shadow of the Day” is all too fitting in tribute, because tragically the sun indeed set for Chester Bennington.  May he now be at peace.

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