Weekendcore: Hot Hot Heat – “Bandages”


Hot Hot Heat’s
final album will be self-titled and out June 24th.  It’ll be their fifth and first since 2010’s Future Breeds, and bring to a close the better part of two decades putting out dance-worthy indie rock.  While it’s not like they formed the night before, Hot Hot Heat didn’t have to wait long for success.

2002’s Make Up the Breakdown was Hot Hot Heat’s debut full-length.  It followed EP Knock Knock Knock, and like the latter the Victoria, British Columbia band had it released just across the Strait of Juan de Fuca by legendary Seattle label Sub Pop Records.  Debut single “Bandages” did very well and quickly shot the band into the mainstream consciousness.  An upbeat number that starts (after an intro) with the chorus, it’s driven by keys that for some reason remind me of Italy (seriously, who knows!).  The main guitar riff strolls as the closed hi-hat is constantly worked.  The second verse starts differently with basically just drums and vocals before it resumes the usual sound, and the song takes a breath during the bridge as Steve Bays constantly reminds to “don’t worry now”.  Speaking of, his frantic vocals are pretty awesome too.

I never have played “Bandages” in Rock Band, but I’d imagine it’s one of the more fun songs to do.  (I actually had no idea it was in the game because I’ve barely played it, so I figured I’d include that tidbit here.)  “Fun” is an apt word to describe Hot Hot Heat, who will call it a day after releasing Hot Hot Heat this summer.  A preview was released for Record Store Day in April and a video for “Kid Who Stays In The Picture” is out, but after the album comes out we’ll unfortunately see things cool down (right?) for the band.  But, we’ll always have “Bandages”.

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