Weekendcore: Have It All – Changes

The very first album review on TPS was of an Italian band’s debut EP.  Have It All released Changes in 2013, and – despite me calling it straight-up hardcore back then, for whatever reason – it was actually more post-hardcore that skewed towards metal.  Genres right???

Changes features six songs, and…well, here’s part of how it was described back then: “Changes has six songs (Ed. note: !) that basically don’t stop punching you in the face.  They’re fast and heavy, and entirely screamy: aside from the gang vocals, there’s not really regular singing to be found.  One thing I found interesting right off the bat was the guitar sound: Have It All make use of almost garage-sounding chords, very lightly distorted.  Now, when the songs get going they’re full out crank-the-gain-to-ten, but I like that because you don’t always hear that sound in hardcore bands.”  

That remains true, as does this later part: “Changes is chock full of themes like reflection, forgiveness, anger, despair, liberation, and perseverance.”

How else can I continue mailing in this post?  Seriously though, Changes is good and it’s nice to get to know acts from parts of the world you might not always think of for music.  Lacuna Coil are probably the first Italian band you think of, but let the next one be Have It All.  (Although, put some new stuff out guys seriously!)

Have It All online:


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