Weekendcore: From Autumn To Ashes – “The After Dinner Payback”

Earlier this week We Are Triumphant Records posted a Twitter question asking who got you into “metal/core”.  I thought back to the first metal acts I could really call myself a fan of and came up with Tool and From Autumn To Ashes.  Did I actually answer the tweet?  Nope (jerk!), but here’s a belated one in the form of remembering something from the latter.

“The After Dinner Payback” is the opener on From Autumn To Ashes’ 2003 sophomore album The Fiction We Live.  It’s a beast, with its opening including a ringing power chord and drumroll to go with original unclean vocalist Ben Perri’s defiant screams.  Fran Mark alternates between double bass pedal fury and quick 1-2-3-4 single spurts, along with bringing his clean vocals in for the pre-chorus and chorus.  The chorus slows things down a bit while the rest of the song, aside from the latter half of the final verse, is a speedy metalcore assault.  All in all it’s probably my favourite track on the album, although “Autumn’s Monologue” is right up there.  (What totally different choices huh?)

From Autumn To Ashes went through lineup changes, and ultimately ye olde indefinite hiatus in 2008.  They reunited and played the 2015 Amnesia Rockfest among other shows, but as of yet no new music since 2007’s Holding a Wolf by the Ears.  Is it coming?  Who knows, but since “Weekendcore” is a throwback feature anyway let’s not give AF at the moment and just enjoy “The After Dinner Payback”!

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