Weekendcore: Alice Stops Time – “Heaven or Hollywood”

When I first moved to the Maritimes from Ontario I lived in Windsor, Nova Scotia.  Yesterday my fiancée and I took a random road trip through there and a couple of other spots in the Annapolis Valley, roughly an hour from Halifax.  That has inspired this edition of “Weekendcore”, because a late Windsor band is one of my East Coast favourites.

Along with being an East Coast favourite period, Alice Stops Time were definitely my favourite local band.  The five-piece had a blend of surf, new wave, post-punk and such that we’ll call alternative because !!!!!!!.  Their only full-length was 2009’s self-titled, which featured “Heaven or Hollywood”.  The uptempo sound features a main riff with a Middle Eastern tinge, and a lengthy surprise interlude after the second pre-chorus that’s definitely my favourite part.  Lyrically it brings to mind the good and bad that comes with our choices.

AST called it a day a few years ago.  Vocalist/guitarist Tyler Dempsey and drummer Josh Noiles ended up in The Big Get Even, but they’ve been fairly quiet themselves recently.  I’m not quite sure about Colin Boyd (keyboard/saxophone), Myles Lawrence (guitar) or Luke Hudgins (bass), but I’ll always wonder what could’ve been with those five together.  Heaven for sure because they’re nice gentlemen, but perhaps even Hollywood.

Alice Stops Time online:


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