Weekendcore: 311 – “Down”

It’s 311 Day!  2017 isn’t a year for a massive March 11th concert, but the band did announce a summer tour today and have a Facebook Live event planned for 3:11 PST this afternoon.  (Will you see this in time for that?  Who knows!)  In honour, let’s take it back to their breakthrough single.

“Down” appears on 311’s 1995 self-titled third album.  It hit #1 on Billboard and broke the eclectic Omaha, Nebraska rockers in the mainstream.  Stunted power chords permeate throughout as S.A. Martinez handles the verses and Nick Hexum handles the chorus and bridge.  The best part is probably the interlude/outro, which features the song’s best drumming and a great guitar riff.

311’s overall mix of rock, rap, reggae and funk has gained them a huge, almost cult-like following.  Their new single “Too Much To Think” is out, but since “Weekendcore” doesn’t give AF about new stuff let’s enjoy “Down”.  It’s maybe their best mix, congratulations!  (I’ve felt better about jokes, but what the hell!)

311 online:


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