Under toil and words

I’ve long had a love of music and writing.  Those passions ultimately came together, and The Perfect Scene was born in February 2014.

One thing I wanted to ensure with TPS was that it would offer a different read than most music sites.  Having posts that only consist of stuff like “Band X to release new album, tour with Band Y” is fine, but I wanted more overall substance and personality.  The goal was and remains in-depth coverage done with passion and integrity, but featuring lightheartedness and irreverence when the situation allows.  Sometimes the approach is even unconventional, and the constant goal is to help you to keep up with and enjoy alternative, indie, punk and metal in more unique fashion.

Beyond bringing the rock itself, TPS also delves into alternative culture – apparel, activities and the like.  We all get dressed and do things, so why not tie those into music?  (Or let them stand on their own sometimes!)  Also, while I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia the content of this blog isn’t geographically specific.

How does all that sound?  Any submissions, questions, comments, etc. can be emailed, plus you can hook up with TPS on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  Go ahead and subscribe as well via the button on the right-hand side of the page.  At the end of the day we’re talking about what we want, the way we want.  That’s why this scene is perfect, and I very much appreciate you being a part of it.

Kevin Bottaro


More like TP$ am I right???

Seriously though, opportunities are available!  If you’re interested in sponsoring a post or feature, get in touch.  At minimum you get an opening mention with an optional tagline, as well as a link within the post (plus category and tag references for easy lookup of your contributions).


Teaming up beyond typical coverage is also an option!  Whether you’re a fellow blogger, writer, artist, label or beyond, get in touch with any idea for something more formal.