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Since The Perfect Scene debuted in February 2014 it’s been on Blogger.  Google’s platform is user-friendly and detailed, and really could still serve this site just fine.  But, in the ongoing effort to make TPS better I eventually decided it was time to take complete control of the back end.  That said, welcome to the all-new WordPress TPS!

One thing I really liked about the Blogger version of TPS was the layout, and you’ll notice that was basically kept the same.  The theme I’m using (Twenty Sixteen) moved a thing or two, but it was the truest one I found for maintaining the layout.  What isn’t there right now is the links section (TPS Faves and Helpful Resources), and that may or may not eventually come back.

As much as the layout stayed the same, one thing I did take the opportunity to change was the colour scheme.  Much like when a sports team often debuts new uniforms upon moving into its new building, it seemed appropriate.  The tweaks were minor: in the logo I swapped out green for blue, and inverted the trim and primary colours.  Blue also correspondingly replaced green for links and the border around the site.  I actually really liked the old green, but I got on a blue kick after looking at pictures of that-coloured stage lights (which, you know, aren’t actually in the logo or something to switch from yellow *shifty eyes*).  White moving from the trim to primary text colour also makes the name pop more off the black.  It’s not a radical change, but I think it’s an improvement.

One pain about migrating a website is the formatting can get messed up.  That happened here a bit, so if you’re going through posts and see that don’t mind it.  I went through about a 1/6th of them already and fixed most stuff, but I’m gonna have to hopefully just chip away at the rest.  Also, if you have posts directly linked to somewhere the links might not work anymore either.  I’m sorry!  What’s great though is no content itself was lost.  Many sites migrate and lose stuff in the process, but everything that was up on TPS before is still here.  That’s the main thing right?

One final change to point out with the move is the email.  You can now email the brand-new info at theperfectscene dot net!  (Replacing “at” and “dot” obviously, take that bots!)  If you already have TPS in your contacts tpsceneblog at gmail dot com will forward to the new address for the foreseeable future, just update it when you can.

So thurr it be.  This change shouldn’t affect your reading too much, but it ensures we can possibly pull off some even cooler stuff in the future.  Also, if you haven’t hooked up with TPS yet on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram you should totally do that for more exclusive content, plus getting notified of new posts – the latter of which you can also do by subscribing via the button on the right side of the page.  As late baseball commentator Mel Allen would say, “how about that!?”.

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