TPS in the Bay Area: The Recap

Hee hee I put the logo above the Do Not Enter sign…I entered the Bay Area though LOLOL.

I got back from the San Francisco Bay Area yesterday after a whirlwind weekend.  As mentioned, the main purpose of the trip was to catch my San Jose Sharks in the Stanley Cup Final, but obviously musical things had to happen.  Hopefully you caught some action on Instagram, but either way we’re now gonna full-meal-deal it.

I stayed in San Jose, but Saturday morning started with a trip back into San Francisco.  There brought a visit to Bottom of the Hill on 17th Street.


This is one of the city’s top rock venues, if not the top.  It’s been hailed locally, and nationally by Rolling Stone as “the best place to hear live music in San Francisco”.

There’s also another rock venue that’s well known to even those not on the pulse of the city: The Fillmore.


This Geary Boulevard (at Fillmore Street) venue became the epicentre of 60s counterculture, with locals The Grateful Dead being its most regular performer.  The brand is now national with Live Nation creating Fillmores in several cities like Detroit and Philadelphia.  Yesterday (the day I left), the flagship venue hosted Modern Baseball, Joyce Manor and Thin Lips.  Would’ve been cool catch womp womp.

After San Fran, it was back to San Jose – which I know the way t-*murdered*.  That city’s premier rock venue these days is The Ritz.

As you can see, the night I arrived in town it hosted the Live 105 BFD Pre-Party.  Having just learned about that while driving in at 11pm and coming off ten hours of travel time, plus knowing the full trip schedule as it was, I didn’t catch any of it.  Sucks though, I was kicking myself a bit.  On Saturday I did have a great Sharks chat with owner Corey O’Brien though!  The venue is downtown at S. 1st and San Salvador Streets in the SOFA district.

Finally, two other venues are really for when you become too big for the previous ones, but what the hell.  If you’re a sports fan, you definitely know SAP Center and AT&T Park.

SAP Center is of course where the Sharks play, and AT&T Park is the stupidly gorgeous home of the San Francisco Giants.  That’s my bucket-list MLB park, so not being able to catch a game (the Giants were on the road anyway) sucked.  So, I’m kind of reaching here but both venues do host concerts so BOOM, COUNTS BABY.

The absolute only thing that truly sucked about “TPS in the Bay Area” was how short it was.  If I had more time I’d have gone to see some local music, but I was essentially only there for a day.  Hilariously as I was leaving San Jose I heard some rock coming from somewhere downtown (not The Ritz), but I had to get my damn rental car back and couldn’t stop to check it out.  Bah.  So…there’s that.  I’ll be back one day Bay Area, let’s hang again for longer ASAP.

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