This post brought to you by TPS being a total sellout

“Yeah F you man, your older posts were way better!!!1!1”

Not long ago I was approached about doing something that I had to give some thought to.  When I remembered many blogs (and otherwise) do it I thought what the hell, it’d be nice to grow TPS’ monetization potential considering the work I put into it.  So, soon you’ll occasionally see something new here: sponsored posts.

Now, in considering doing this I needed to make sure the integrity of this blog would stay intact.  That is paramount, because the last thing I want and you deserve as a reader is a barrage of garbage that doesn’t fit.  So, sponsored posts are going to be very occasional, and the subject matter will always be something we’d talk about anyway.  I will write each post, not the sponsor, and aside from mentioning it’s a sponsored post you won’t even really notice a difference.  The idea is a partnership that works for TPS, the sponsor and you.  Ain’t no talk about blenders or anything that doesn’t have to do with rock music, ya dig?

The purpose of this post was really just a heads-up.  As mentioned, it’s gonna be a fairly seamless integration but I wanted you to know what’s doin’ (plus why else would I make a highlarious sellout logo spoof??).  All that said, if you’re interested in having a sponsored post (or something else more businesslike) with TPS you should totally get in touch.  Together we can be mainstream sellout wankers who used to be good because it’s like 2001 collaborate on a good idea.

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