This is the end (for TPS my friend)

Well, the finale posts at least got two clever logos right?  Riiiiight?

So…that’s that.  ICYMI last weekend, The Perfect Scene is wrapping up like Yellowcard and other things that ended in 2017.

Since the song was referenced in this post’s title (puns forever), here’s Anti-Flag:

And, since I was thinking of including it because you know fitting, The All-American Rejects:

I hope you’ll miss TPS when it’s gone, but either way I appreciate you giving it any time at all.  If you want to get/stay in touch for any reason, you’re welcome to reach out via Facebook.  (I don’t have any other personal social media.)  Even if TPS doesn’t return, one thing I’d love to do when I really grow my web-design skillz is help artists out.  I see so many forego their own site in favour of just using socials, and that’s a real missed opportunity.  Keep me in mind? *cheeky smile* For real though (that’s for real too though!), thank you for your readership and correspondence over the last 3 1/2 years.  I’ll forever be grateful we got to share some solid scenery.  (Get it?  Puns – and alternative – forever!)

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