The old posts that were broken are fixed!

No getting in the sea just yet!

Earlier this week I decided it was time to fix the old posts that had their format broken when TPS moved from Blogger to WordPress.  After spending hours per day on it since, the job was finished this morning.  So, why not go back and (again) read one or 10 or 189?

A post like this kind of already happened, but…read that birthday one AND others – beyond what’s in the birthday one!  Like the post that wondered whether deleting social media is the new market inefficiency, or who the alternative equivalent of the Golden State Warriors could be, or what the late Drive-Thru Records’ heyday roster is up to now, or (self) reflecting on Absolute Punk’s change to or…others!

What was fixed in all this was stuff like messed-up spacing, smashed-together paragraphs and all that.  Stylistically I left most things as is, because even though certain things might be different now, owning the past and appreciating the evolution of TPS is key.  Did I end up having to actually change some things?  Yeah, and that includes losing basically all captions because I couldn’t figure out how to align things with them!  Some were funny, that sucks!

So…there’s that.  Also, if you’re newer to reading TPS and don’t really know the backstory, check out the fairly new bio page too why don’tcha.  Umm, enjoy!

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