The art of drowning…while trying to honour branding AND correctness

Art of Drowning...
It does feel spooky sometimes…and lights a fire inside!  (Sorry not sorry.)

When you really get into the nuts and bolts of writing, it can be pretty tricky.  As a music blogger there are things to consider beyond just regular proper writing, and in all honesty sometimes it’s a pain.  Some of it is just a general learning curve we all go through, but some can be avoided just by how the artist handles it.

Different style guides have different criteria for names and titles, and often it’s a matter of preference.  For artist and album names, you’ll notice how Alternative Press tends to capitalize everything while doesn’t capitalize prepositions like “to”, for” and the like unless they start or end it.  When it comes to post titles it’s the opposite: AP writes them like regular sentences while capitalizes each word.  Those are just two of countless examples, but you see what’s up.  If you search TPS (which you can do on the right-hand side of the page, BTW) you’ll probably see a few artists with their name written different ways.  That’s from two-plus years of experimenting with and learning different styles, but really the best thing to do – for me and you as a reader – is pick a style and stick to it.

Where artists can help with this is in their consistent branding.  More so for their name than an album or song, those of us who try to honour branding can do so better with a clear style guideline.  Bands like blessthefall and mewithoutYou are very consistent, whereas others have their name written one way on their official site, another on Facebook, another on Twitter, etc…and boy is that annoying, haha.  Those are the acts that are getting the proper written treatment every time.

If you’re simply a fan and not an artist, you probably aren’t terribly worried about how stuff’s written (unless you’re a spelling and grammar nerd).  If you are an artist – or hell, a writer! – this is something for you to think about too.  It may seem like total minutiae and/or the whining of a thinks-too-much-for-his-own-good blogger, but it’s totally a thing.  I think I’m gonna subscribe to the idea of always being proper for any branding that’s wishy-washy, and honour the rest if it’s a fit for the style.  It’s more like The Imperfect Scene am I right? *throws self out window*

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