Track Listing: Chris Cornell

I had an entirely different post planned for tonight, but obviously this morning’s news preempted that.  Chris Cornell was found to have hanged himself after Soundgarden’s show last night in Detroit, and this will instead be a tribute to one of alt-rock’s most celebrated frontmen.

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Weekendcore: MxPx – “Gimme Christmas”

You want Christmas, you got Christmas.  Santa makes the rounds tonight, and tomorrow brings presents and a big ol’ dinner.  This time of year also brings a musical present from MxPx.  (Merry Christmas.)  One such gift from the pop-punk stalwarts was “Gimme Christmas”.

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Weekendcore: The Presidents of the United States of America – “Supersonics”

We did football.  We did hockey.  Now, because apparently we gotta complete the returning-sports trifecta, it’s time for a “Weekendcore” about basketball!

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