Weekendcore: Matthew Good Band – “Apparitions”

This edition of “Weekendcore” is actually this weekend’s second, but that’s because we had the unexpected and tragic news of Chester Bennington’s suicide.  This post is the one I had planned, and it’s the perfect way to end the feature.

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Weekendcore: Gob -“Soda”

“Weekendcore” on a Monday???  WTF???  Well, it’s the Victoria Day long weekend in Canada (where TPS is based, of course) so yeah!  Let’s celebrate the unofficial start of summer with some appropriate tunage.

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Interview: Woke Up Waiting

Wings and beer.  Baseball and hot dogs.  Loud music and driving.  Pop-punk and Vancouver.  All of these are great combinations, and Woke Up Waiting encapsulate the latter.  The three-piece – Justin Mattock (vocals/guitar), Sean Thomas (vocals/guitar) and Lucas Bayley (bass/vocals) – put out debut single “Best of Me” in July, and will follow it up with EP Better Off This Way October 20th.  When I first WOKE UP (woooo) this morning, there was no WAITING (okay sorry…ish) to post their chat with TPS!

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