Weekendcore: Smashing Pumpkins – “For Martha”

It’s Mother’s Day.  Some of us can see our mom in person, some have to simply call/Skype/FaceTime/whatever and some can’t get in touch at all.  For this edition of “Weekendcore”, we’re doing a hauntingly beautiful and sombre track that covers the latter.

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Trying to make a massive list of your favourite artists (aka whoché do you amoré?)

I had the same reaction Jordan!


My girlfriend and a co-worker of hers got to talking about favourite artists today, and he asked her to have me make a list of my 20 favourites.  20!  (!)  He’s a big rock guy too but assumes our tastes are pretty different, but beyond not knowing why he feels that way I was like “20!?”.  On the surface that seems easy, but when you really get down to it it’s kinda daunting.

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Weekendcore: 90s alternative

Starter packin’.

This weekend is Thanksgiving in Canada, so of course excellent food is eaten and thanks is given.  While heading out of town for dinner I listened to Sirius XM’s Town Hall with Green Day, which was followed by a broadcast of the band’s recent show at House of Blues Boston.  It all got me thinking about how Green Day are such titans, and how they and The Offspring co-held the title of my first-ever favourite band.  Thinking back and being thankful (Thanksgiving!) that I had a great base on which to become a music fan led to this genretastic edition of “Weekendcore”.

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