Weekendcore: Yellowcard – “Life of a Salesman”

Happy Father’s Day to all of TPS’ dad readers!  It’s surprisingly hard to find positive songs about dads in our world.  I was thinking about “Father of Mine” and all those, and having trouble sifting through the negative.  Finally, though, Yellowcard came through in the clutch.

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Weekendcore: Yellowcard – “Ocean Avenue”

Screen Shot 2016-06-25 at 7.09.56 PM
The first song I ever heard from Yellowcard was “October Nights”.  I can’t remember exactly when that was, but it was off 2001’s One for the Kids so…around then (*slow clap*).  The band announced this week they’re releasing a new album, going on a world tour, then breaking up.  Using “breakup” is notable because everyone these days says “indefinite hiatus”, although Yellowcard actually did burn that one in 2008.  Yellowcard, out September 30th, will be the band’s tenth album, but it was fourth effort Ocean Avenue that broke the Florida pop-punk act out.  That, of course, features the title track.

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