Scenematography: Punk Cover Moose – “I Can’t Get Next to You”

I’ve long advocated for a Punk Goes Motown compilation.  While Fearless Records continues to not do that, at least we have Punk Cover Moose knowing that this idea is WHAT IS UP.

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Weekendcore: The Briggs – “This Is LA”

It’s NHL All-Star Weekend in Los Angeles.  Being that the hometown Kings are associated with a solid punk rock song that came out years ago, why the hell not do it up for this edition of “Weekendcore”?  ROOFED IN THE TOP CORNER!

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Scenematography: Bouncing Souls – “Battleground”

So, Donald Trump has been president of the United States of America for about a week now.  One thing he’s done is repeal Barack Obama’s executive order to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline, and one new thing in the continued effort against the project is a new Bouncing Souls song in support.

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Weekendcore: Authority Zero – “Revolution”

Still amazingly, Donald Trump was inaugurated as US president yesterday.  Today, women’s marches are taking place all over the country and beyond.  I really think we’ll get a Rock Against Trump compilation out of this presidency, and this edition of “Weekendcore” throws it back to an offering from the 2004 series targeting George W. Bush.

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Weekendcore: NOFX – “Franco Un-American”

He’s just about to be TWO presidents ago whoa!

Americans will go to the polls and elect their next president on Tuesday.  In maybe the craziest election ever, it’s Donald Trump (!) vs. Hillary Clinton.  Both have their controversies, but remember the early 2000s war days?  Those weren’t in the midst of an election, but we got a bunch of songs from them.

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Weekendcore: AFI – “Days of the Phoenix”

This dark-ass video screenshot doesn’t show up well on a black website huh?  Ah well.

AFI have announced AFI (The Blood Album)out January 20th via Concord.  “Snow Cats” and “White Offerings” will be on it, but since “Weekendcore” is a throwback feature we’re gonna throw it back (!) while acknowledging the band’s goth influence because that fits Halloween!  Reasons are colliding!

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Weekendcore: The Offspring – Smash

The whole time I was writing Thursday’s post about trying to pick favourite artists for a huge list, I wondered if The Offspring would show up.  They didn’t, and that was interesting because while a few 90s alt-rock heyday acts made it, The Offspring and Green Day (who made it) were tied for my first-ever favourite.  That said, the former deserve props too so let’s give them belated in this edition of “Weekendcore”.

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Weekendcore: Autopilot Off – “The 12th Day”

I read something crazy online the other day: this year’s high school freshmen are the first that weren’t alive on September 11th, 2001.  9/11 is a historical event they only know from stories.  That is…just amazing to think it’s been that long.  But it’s been 15 years since the attacks, and 12 years since a New York band summed up the aftermath in a tragically beautiful blast of punk rock.

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Album Review: Squarecrow – Rammi Jamms

The favourite punk sons of San Diego, California just returned in fine fashion as Blink-182 released California July 1st.  Squarecrow (see what they did?) are also from America’s Finest City, and released their latest EP Rammi Jamms May 27th.  It’s eight tracks of raw, unfiltered punk rock that does Southern California proud.

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Weekendcore: Rancid – “Ruby Soho”

Screen Shot 2016-07-23 at 9.26.43 PM
Earlier this week #RNCRockAnthems was trending on Twitter.  TPS joined in the fun with a not-typical-TPS-but-too-funny-to-let-pass offering that spoofed Aerosmith, a Green Day spoof and one that’s provided the inspiration for this edition of “Weekendcore”.  C’mon, “Ruby Soho Penthouse” as in New York City’s trendy SoHo neighbourhood!  That works right?  C’mon now…

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