Weekendcore: Head Automatica – “Graduation Day”

The nostalgia is right in this screenshot!

Post-secondary schools are right in the thick of grad time, and the younger students in grade school aren’t far off.  So, here’s a little something for everyone that isn’t Eve 6 or Vitamin C (!) – not that there’s anything wrong with that, they’re fine!

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Album Review: Romance & Rebellion – Romance & Rebellion

Cover Art
Romance and rebellion.  They’re harder to deal with than the chill version of R&R, but – juxtaposed or otherwise –  often more rewarding.  Listening to Romance & Rebellion is a nice happy medium, as displayed by their self-titled debut EP which came out last week.  The Los Angeles-based pop rockers dish out equal doses of rock and sweetness across six catchy tracks.

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Weekendcore: The Mission District – “So Over You”

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 9.55.44 AM
Sure this video screenshot looks like a good time, but the song edit is lame so you won’t see it at the end of this post!

As this edition of “Weekendcore” posts itself (yay for scheduling!) I’m in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Considering the city of San Francisco has a neighbourhood called the Mission District, how much does it work for us to look back at a band with that name!?

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