Weekendcore: Have It All – Changes

The very first album review on TPS was of an Italian band’s debut EP.  Have It All released Changes in 2013, and – despite me calling it straight-up hardcore back then, for whatever reason – it was actually more post-hardcore that skewed towards metal.  Genres right???

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Profile: From First to Last to Skrillex and back: Sonny (Moore’s) ways

If you’re a baseball fan you know why this pic is especially glorious today.  Hee hee hee.

Before Sonny Moore became a musical monster as Skrillex, he fronted the post-hardcore/emo band From First to Last.  This weekend Moore posted a tweet wishing himself a happy birthday, and it included a new FFTL song called “Make War”.  People who’ve been following this scene for a long time know, but just in case you’re newer to it or need a refresher, this profile will look back on how Sonny Moore first broke out.

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Scenematography: I Prevail – “Stuck in Your Head”

I Prevail released their debut full-length Lifelines last Friday.  “Scars” was released as its first single back in the summer, and now the Detroit, Michigan post-hardcore four-piece are ringing in fall with the video for “Stuck in Your Head”.

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Weekendcore: From Autumn To Ashes – “The After Dinner Payback”

Earlier this week We Are Triumphant Records posted a Twitter question asking who got you into “metal/core”.  I thought back to the first metal acts I could really call myself a fan of and came up with Tool and From Autumn To Ashes.  Did I actually answer the tweet?  Nope (jerk!), but here’s a belated one in the form of remembering something from the latter.

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