Scene Specific: Halifax, Nova Scotia (Part 2)

When “Scene Specific” debuted, its first edition profiled Halifax.  As the home market of TPS I thought that was only fitting, and as this blog wraps up it’s equally so to bring the feature full-circle with another look.

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Weekendcore: Alice Stops Time – “Heaven or Hollywood”

When I first moved to the Maritimes from Ontario I lived in Windsor, Nova Scotia.  Yesterday my fiancée and I took a random road trip through there and a couple of other spots in the Annapolis Valley, roughly an hour from Halifax.  That has inspired this edition of “Weekendcore”, because a late Windsor band is one of my East Coast favourites.

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Strategizing a scene

Ah, we’ve all played through a Peavey at some point!

TPS’ home base of Halifax, Nova Scotia could be the next city to adopt a music strategy.  It was brought up at a council committee meeting yesterday, following the lead of Toronto, Austin, Texas; Melbourne and elsewhere.  It’s a solid idea, but one with a lot of moving parts and the need to recognize the market.

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A musical Christmas wish list

A main picture that’s a picture of a post that has yet to be written!  How???  A Christmas miracle!

We’re officially into the holiday season.  Black Friday has passed (and the deals are still on because COMMERCIALISM!!!!), it’s snowed in some places that get snow, it’s almost December and malls are playing Christmas music.  Etc.  So, what musical things do you want for Christmas?  I got to thinking about that, and what did you do when you were little?  Wrote to Santa, that’s what!  I’m 31, but blogs have written content (!) so let’s throw it back!  Ahem…

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Interview: The Summer Rabbit

The Summer Rabbit have actually been around longer than The Summer Rabbit (!).  The Halifax, Nova Scotia-based roots rockers just changed their name a few months ago.  Now Blair Lucas (vocals/guitar), Dan Taylor (bass/vocals) and Brett Chivari (drums) are releasing their self-titled debut October 1st, and – wait for it – tellin’ TPS about that and more!

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