Weekendcore: New Found Glory – “Hit or Miss”

New Found Glory have announced a 20th-anniversary tour for the spring.  They’ll cross the US and play several albums in their entirety while doing so, and while 1997’s It’s All About the Girls EP was their debut release, it was following single “Hit or Miss” that introduced so many to the pop-punk pioneers.

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Jordan Pundik as the When You… meme, because c’mon now

Yeah, I got nothin’ for this part.

The other day I tweeted a picture of New Found Glory vocalist Jordan Pundik for a When You… meme.  He just has such a face for this kinda thing that I think he’s the perfect regular choice.  Because…

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Liner Notes: Monday, October 3rd

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We’ll start with what I was going to use as a fire tweet this morning, but forgot so here: Solange Knowles was just on SiriusXMU (the indie rock channel).  Are the Illuminati guest hosting or something?

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