Weekendcore: Have It All – Changes

The very first album review on TPS was of an Italian band’s debut EP.  Have It All released Changes in 2013, and – despite me calling it straight-up hardcore back then, for whatever reason – it was actually more post-hardcore that skewed towards metal.  Genres right???

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Album Review: Soulwound – No Peace

OH HERE WE GO SWEETIE, IT’S TIME FOR SOME SCANDINAVIAN METAL!  I can’t help but react like that when covering this type of stuff, because it’s always terrifyingly badass.  Kouvola, Finland’s Soulwound are putting out sophomore full-length No Peace October 21st, and the follow-up to 2013’s Seeing Red is quite accurately named.

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Interview: Nick Morris, Luxor Records

Luxor Records
Record labels mean so much more in underground music than mainstream.  Majors like Universal have giant rosters of mixed genres, and look for who will sell the most.  Underground labels tend to be more genre specific, smaller and will sign artists out of love before anything.  Both artists and fans identify with labels, and often have favourites.  How do you feel about Los Angeles-based Luxor Records?  Hopefully good, because we talked to Manager Nick Morris!

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