Weekendcore: Matthew Good Band – “Apparitions”

This edition of “Weekendcore” is actually this weekend’s second, but that’s because we had the unexpected and tragic news of Chester Bennington’s suicide.  This post is the one I had planned, and it’s the perfect way to end the feature.

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My Can-rock upbringing

I probably said that…I don’t know…

Saturday is July 1st, aka Canada Day.  2017 marks the country’s 150th birthday, and many extra special celebrations are planned because of that.  TPS will kick off its part right now by reminiscing about Canada’s contribution to my own musical fandom.

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Trying to make a massive list of your favourite artists (aka whoché do you amoré?)

I had the same reaction Jordan!


My girlfriend and a co-worker of hers got to talking about favourite artists today, and he asked her to have me make a list of my 20 favourites.  20!  (!)  He’s a big rock guy too but assumes our tastes are pretty different, but beyond not knowing why he feels that way I was like “20!?”.  On the surface that seems easy, but when you really get down to it it’s kinda daunting.

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Weekendcore: 90s alternative

Starter packin’.

This weekend is Thanksgiving in Canada, so of course excellent food is eaten and thanks is given.  While heading out of town for dinner I listened to Sirius XM’s Town Hall with Green Day, which was followed by a broadcast of the band’s recent show at House of Blues Boston.  It all got me thinking about how Green Day are such titans, and how they and The Offspring co-held the title of my first-ever favourite band.  Thinking back and being thankful (Thanksgiving!) that I had a great base on which to become a music fan led to this genretastic edition of “Weekendcore”.

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