Weekendcore: Linkin Park – “Shadow of the Day”

Chester Bennington’s suicide was yesterday’s biggest story, and shock.  The Linkin Park frontman’s longtime battle with depression and other demons was well known, and an added element to this was the day it happened: what would’ve been Chris Cornell’s 53rd birthday.  They were very close, and Bennington took Cornell’s May suicide very hard.  Whether or not that played any role in this, rock has lost one of its best talents in the saddest way possible.

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Weekendcore: Yellowcard – “Life of a Salesman”

Happy Father’s Day to all of TPS’ dad readers!  It’s surprisingly hard to find positive songs about dads in our world.  I was thinking about “Father of Mine” and all those, and having trouble sifting through the negative.  Finally, though, Yellowcard came through in the clutch.

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Rodney Bingenheimer ROQs

Dude loves him some Canter’s.

Sunday night was the end of an era in the world of alternative music.  Rodney Bingenheimer did his final show on legendary Los Angeles radio station KROQ, which has that status in large part due to him.  I didn’t even realize that was gonna be the case until after the fact, but it’s one that certainly deserves a post.

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Weekendcore: Stone Temple Pilots – “Lady Picture Show”

As mentioned in Friday’s review, I finally read Scott Weiland’s 2011 autobiography Not Dead & Not for Sale last week.  In honour of that, why not have this “Weekendcore” look back at a single from the late frontman’s most well-known musical venture?

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Weekendcore: Zwan – “Honestly”

Look at the joy…Billy Corgan joy!

Not long after the Smashing Pumpkins’ breakup, frontman Billy Corgan and drummer Jimmy Chamberlin formed Zwan with Matt Sweeney, Paz Lenchantin and David Pajo.  Their own breakup months after the release of their debut album was a true “WTF?” moment, and for how it went down they’re kind of an almost humorous footnote in modern rock history.  No matter, because at the very least I thought they were cool.

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Interview: Alexx Calise talks the return of SOC

Alexx Calise is an accomplished pop/rock singer, having released latest single “Breathe” back in November.  It was co-written with Dennis Morehouse, who happens to be the other half of SOC with Calise.  The duo are more artsy alternative, and are back after a long break (debut album No Vampires in Gilroy came out in 2011) with a cover of Sneaker Pimps’ “6 Underground”.  Calise told TPS about all about the return of her non-solo/heavier side.

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Weekendcore: The Briggs – “This Is LA”

It’s NHL All-Star Weekend in Los Angeles.  Being that the hometown Kings are associated with a solid punk rock song that came out years ago, why the hell not do it up for this edition of “Weekendcore”?  ROOFED IN THE TOP CORNER!

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Profile: From First to Last to Skrillex and back: Sonny (Moore’s) ways

If you’re a baseball fan you know why this pic is especially glorious today.  Hee hee hee.

Before Sonny Moore became a musical monster as Skrillex, he fronted the post-hardcore/emo band From First to Last.  This weekend Moore posted a tweet wishing himself a happy birthday, and it included a new FFTL song called “Make War”.  People who’ve been following this scene for a long time know, but just in case you’re newer to it or need a refresher, this profile will look back on how Sonny Moore first broke out.

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Scenematography: Swerve – “Baby Blue”

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 11.48.31 AM
Los Angeles indie rockers Swerve have just released a video for “Baby Blue”.  The song is off their self-titled debut EP, released back in October, and creates some of the most interesting, odd-but-workable sound comparisons that have come to mind since I called Killwave’s George Pinto David Bowie as a vampire.

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Interview: Nick Morris, Luxor Records

Luxor Records
Record labels mean so much more in underground music than mainstream.  Majors like Universal have giant rosters of mixed genres, and look for who will sell the most.  Underground labels tend to be more genre specific, smaller and will sign artists out of love before anything.  Both artists and fans identify with labels, and often have favourites.  How do you feel about Los Angeles-based Luxor Records?  Hopefully good, because we talked to Manager Nick Morris!

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