Weekendcore: The Story So Far – “Empty Space”

Sometimes I am reminded by my fiancée that I can even enjoy the simplicity of using my iPhone’s Bluetooth to listen to music in the car.  This week that happened, and I rocked a bunch of The Story So Far (which led to JOKES YO).  That said, let’s rock ’em here too for “Weekendcore” shall we?

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Scenematography: The Story So Far – “Nerve”

Earlier today Red Bull premiered The Story So Far’s new video for “Nerve”.  Back when the band’s 2015 self-titled third album was being teased it was the first song released, but for video purposes it follows up “Heavy Gloom”.  Like that song, “Nerve” is one of the album’s best and a good choice for a video (you know, how these things usually work).

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