Scenematography: Mauves – “Eh Fille”

I literally was just saying we need more French rock up in this blizog, so this makes a lot of sense.  (It’s almost as if I can choose what we talk about!!)  Quebec City indie rockers Mauves have released a new video, so whooooaaaa desired content!

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Scenematography: Allie & Ivy – “Best Friends”

Allie & Ivy released “Best Friends” last fall, but now there’s also a video for it.  The song got an honourable mention in the 2016 International Songwriting Competition, and now gets an even bigger one with a feature on TP-…yeah yeah here’s the “Scenematography” for it whaaaatever!

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Weekendcore: Joyce Manor – “These Kind of Ice Skates”

I just got back from a skate.  In a few weeks that’ll mean something different, but for now it means ice skating.  So…you know, a song with “Ice Skates” in the title.

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Weekendcore: The Get Up Kids – “Valentine”

Valentine’s Day is on Tuesday.  Love is the most popular subject matter of songs so we could’ve thrown a rock and hit something worth using, but why not pick one that’s literally called “Valentine”?

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Interview: Western Daughter

The Pacific Northwest has one of North America’s greatest scenes.  Obviously Seattle and Vancouver (British Columbia) are huge parts of that, with Portland growing as a relocation hotbed if not yet for music.  Boise, Idaho though?  A bit smaller and less top of mind, but still home to goodness like a blue college football field Western Daughter, who feature an alt-indie sound (why not?) with hints of emo, folk and beyond.  The band – Taylor Robert Hawkins (vocals – and NO NOT HIM), Cameron Brizzee (guitar/vocals), Taylor Jay (guitar), Jess Hope (bass), and Zach Sherwood (drums) – will release new album Driftwood Songs March 24th via Take This to Heart Records, with first single “Exhibition on Main St.” premiering via Gold Flake Paint.  Brizzee shot the brizzee (c’mon 6/10 at least!) with TPS about the new music and more.

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Interview: Jake McKelvie talks new folk EP The Rhinestone Busboy, the art of departure efforts

It can be tricky to go a different direction as an artist.  When you’re known for one thing people come to expect it, and don’t always react well to change.  But, change and evolution (not to mention, you know, enjoying different things anyway) are part of writing music.  Jake McKelvie is the man in front of Jake McKelvie and the Countertops, but also dabbles in solo stuff.  Latest solo EP The Rhinestone Busboy eschews the band’s indie rock for folk, and McKelvie spoke with TPS about how the whole process goes.

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Weekendcore: Reggie and the Full Effect – “Congratulations Smack and Katy”

I proposed to my girlfriend this morning.  We’ve been together for 4 1/2 years and have talked about it so it wasn’t really a surprise, but it’s still cool that she said yes and we’re actually engaged now.  In honour of that, why not remember another triumphant (?) love story?

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Weekendcore: The Get Up Kids – Four Minute Mile

The Get Up Kids have announced that they’re in the studio.  Their last album was 2011’s There Are Rules, which came after a hiatus and was followed by a decent amount of inactivity.  The band’s influence and legacy is secure, and while 1999’s Something to Write Home About was the seminal breakthrough, 1997 debut Four Minute Mile got it all going.

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I was gonna be an underground star

You expected Pundik didn’t you?  Oh he’ll be back, don’t worry.

*The following is brought to you by Musician’s Friend.

The dream of being a musician is easily one of the sexiest out there.  Many people in regular jobs had/have it, and certain people who work in the music industry otherwise are failed musicians.  Much like Brian Williams, I was there.

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Album Review: Fossil Youth – A Glimpse of Self Joy

After 2014’s split EP with Wickerwolves and last year’s Intertwined with You, Fossil Youth are finally ready to drop their debut full-length.  The Enid, Oklahoma indie rockers will release A Glimpse of Self Joy November 4th via Take This to Heart Records, so let’s get ready for that with a glimpse (*fist pump*) at what’s to come.

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