Weekendcore: Smashing Pumpkins – “For Martha”

It’s Mother’s Day.  Some of us can see our mom in person, some have to simply call/Skype/FaceTime/whatever and some can’t get in touch at all.  For this edition of “Weekendcore”, we’re doing a hauntingly beautiful and sombre track that covers the latter.

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Weekendcore: Zwan – “Honestly”

Look at the joy…Billy Corgan joy!

Not long after the Smashing Pumpkins’ breakup, frontman Billy Corgan and drummer Jimmy Chamberlin formed Zwan with Matt Sweeney, Paz Lenchantin and David Pajo.  Their own breakup months after the release of their debut album was a true “WTF?” moment, and for how it went down they’re kind of an almost humorous footnote in modern rock history.  No matter, because at the very least I thought they were cool.

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Weekendcore: Fluid Minds – “Do the Dip (Win That Championship)”

Last night the Chicago Cubs did something they haven’t done since 1945: win the National League pennant and go to the World Series.  They notoriously haven’t won the World Series since 1908, but that could all come to an end this year.  In honour of that, we need to “Weekendcore” something for the occasion.

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