Mashup Thoughts: Friday, July 7th

Who are the 2017 Chicago Cubs of alternative?  I…just don’t know.

I’m watching the Cubs on TV, and was trying to think of which artist compares to them.  Our previous sports-related comparison came when we determined Twenty One Pilots are the Golden State Warriors, and frankly that was much easier.  For the longest time the Cubbies were baseball’s loveable losers, but then last year they won their first World Series in 108 years.  This year they’re massively underachieving, and so I started to ponder who has a similar timeline in music – and came up with this picture: (!)

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Liner Notes: Thursday, November 3rd

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Alternative Press compiled some musical reactions to last night’s epic World Series win by the Chicago Cubs.  They include Ryan Scott Graham of State Champs and Every Time I Die’s Jordan Buckley, but don’t include the awesome one from Alkaline Trio.  Good Chicago boys!

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Weekendcore: Fluid Minds – “Do the Dip (Win That Championship)”

Last night the Chicago Cubs did something they haven’t done since 1945: win the National League pennant and go to the World Series.  They notoriously haven’t won the World Series since 1908, but that could all come to an end this year.  In honour of that, we need to “Weekendcore” something for the occasion.

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