Interview: Inertia

You expected the members, you get the album cover!  Psych!

First off, Happy Independence Day to TPS’ American readers!  Why not celebrate with some good ol’ California rock?

It can be hard to be heavy AND accessible.  Some artists fail out of the gate, while some evolve into it and get ridiculed.  To truly balance the process (!) is to nail it, and Costa Mesa’s Inertia – Dillon Forst (vocals/piano), Zack Harris (guitar), Andrew Chavez (bass) and Joshua Alves (drums) – have done that.  Debut album The Process (!!), out now, has elements of post-hardcore, metal, prog and beyond that are polished enough to pull in people that don’t usually listen to that sound.  Let’s chat with the dudes shall we?

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Weekendcore: The Story So Far – “Empty Space”

Sometimes I am reminded by my fiancée that I can even enjoy the simplicity of using my iPhone’s Bluetooth to listen to music in the car.  This week that happened, and I rocked a bunch of The Story So Far (which led to JOKES YO).  That said, let’s rock ’em here too for “Weekendcore” shall we?

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Profile: Reach for Neptune

We’ll call it promo.  (Pizza?)

I was on the ol’ Twitter the other day and randomly came across a band.  Upon seeing they’re called Reach for Neptune I went “Neptune is my favourite planet!”  Upon seeing they’re from San Jose, California I went “I love San Jose!”  Then I loved how they play pop-punk/easycore and went “I will immediately become a fan and then write about them!”

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Weekendcore: Whiskey Avengers – “This Is Sharks Territory”

La musica de Los Tiburones.

I’ve been pretty salty lately when it comes to sports.  I actually took a break from them this week because of two reasons: My Toronto Blue Jays are playing terrible, and my San Jose Sharks got knocked out of the playoffs by the mirage known as the Edmonton Oilers.  I really wanted the latter to make the Stanley Cup Final because 1) they made it and lost last year and 2) their two longest-tenured players are impending free agents, and old, and maybe truly done with the team.  I am grumpy, so music must heal.

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Weekendcore: Fenix TX – “Phoebe Cates”

Impending boobs and stuff!

2001’s Lechuza was the last album Fenix TX put out before their 2002 breakup.  Appearing on it, as well as the American Pie 2 soundtrack, was “Phoebe Cates”.  It was the first song I’d ever heard by the band, and it’s still my favourite of theirs.

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Weekendcore: Joyce Manor – “These Kind of Ice Skates”

I just got back from a skate.  In a few weeks that’ll mean something different, but for now it means ice skating.  So…you know, a song with “Ice Skates” in the title.

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Blink-182 are doing good stuff, Tom DeLonge is doing good stuff, it’s fine. Everything is fine.

I’m okay with the events that are unfolding currently.

The breakup of Tom DeLonge and Blink-182 wasn’t overly cordial, as we know.  As hard as it was to picture the band without the goofy vocalist/guitarist, that confusion and tension is at least gone for DeLonge, Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker’s sake.  Beyond that, as artists I – now more than ever – think they’re absolutely better apart.

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It’s the week between Christmas and New Year’s and…yeah

There’s not a more useless week on the calendar than the one between Christmas and New Year’s.  The Christmas hangover is subsiding, no one works and there’s still another holiday to come before the season ends.  Upcoming TPS will include a “Liner Notes”, an interview with intriguing subject matter and New Year’s-themed “Weekendcore”, but now?  Umm…well, how about random musical tidbits?  (And I don’t mean “Mashup Thoughts”, although this could sort of be a mailed-in version of that I guess!)

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Weekendcore: NOFX – “Franco Un-American”

He’s just about to be TWO presidents ago whoa!

Americans will go to the polls and elect their next president on Tuesday.  In maybe the craziest election ever, it’s Donald Trump (!) vs. Hillary Clinton.  Both have their controversies, but remember the early 2000s war days?  Those weren’t in the midst of an election, but we got a bunch of songs from them.

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Weekendcore: AFI – “Days of the Phoenix”

This dark-ass video screenshot doesn’t show up well on a black website huh?  Ah well.

AFI have announced AFI (The Blood Album)out January 20th via Concord.  “Snow Cats” and “White Offerings” will be on it, but since “Weekendcore” is a throwback feature we’re gonna throw it back (!) while acknowledging the band’s goth influence because that fits Halloween!  Reasons are colliding!

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