Definite nostalgia, possible plot loss

Oh Dears…you had one single that did well a long time ago.

Stuff always happens in the music world.  Record Store Day has announced this year’s offerings, Lollapalooza has announced this year’s lineup, other people have announced things relating to this year…yada yada.  I’ve been slacking lately on TPS though – the blog itself, and social media.  I kind of know why, but I kind of don’t either.

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TPS is on the ‘Press

Blogger TPS
Since The Perfect Scene debuted in February 2014 it’s been on Blogger.  Google’s platform is user-friendly and detailed, and really could still serve this site just fine.  But, in the ongoing effort to make TPS better I eventually decided it was time to take complete control of the back end.  That said, welcome to the all-new WordPress TPS!

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