Weekendcore: Thirty Seconds to Mars – “Kings and Queens”

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 4.05.19 PM
Thirty Seconds to Mars are, in a word, epic.  Their songs are epic, their videos are epic, and the general creativity and ambition they put forth is always solid.  Acting be damned (sorry Suicide Squad)this is Jared Leto.  He, brother Shannon and Tomo Miličević do the alt-rock like whoa.

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A guy is Kickstarting to make a 90s Can-rock documentary, and that’s the best

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Even Kickstarter loves this, hello!

This morning I was on Twitter when I saw a tweet from Chart Attack about someone crowdfunding to make a documentary about Can-rock’s 90s heyday.  I then reacted accordingly, because that’s in large part the stuff I grew up on.  If you’re not in the know when it comes to this scene, you need to get caught up right now – hence, you know, this here post!

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Scenematography: Swerve – “Baby Blue”

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 11.48.31 AM
Los Angeles indie rockers Swerve have just released a video for “Baby Blue”.  The song is off their self-titled debut EP, released back in October, and creates some of the most interesting, odd-but-workable sound comparisons that have come to mind since I called Killwave’s George Pinto David Bowie as a vampire.

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Interview: Northcote

Combining the energy of a full band with the rawness of acoustic guitar is, when done right, one of rock’s great treats.  Nanaimo, British Columbia’s Northcote pulls that off nicely.  The project of Matt Goud has grown bigger over the years, which culminated in last fall’s Hope Is Made of Steel.  The cross-Canada tour in support is on now, with a Halifax date Friday night at The Seahorse Tavern that I’m sadly out of town for!  (Timing FTW.)  You know what though?  CHATS.

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Weekendcore: Our Lady Peace – Naveed

Several sweet albums came out in 1994.  Weezer’s Blue Album, Green Day’s Dookie, Soundgarden’s Superunknown and Stone Temple Pilots’ Purple are among the more notable ones, and the year’s offerings included Our Lady Peace’s Naveed.

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Which artist is the Golden State Warriors of alternative?

Twenty One Warriors
The timing of this post could be better as they’re surprisingly on the verge of elimination, but the Golden State Warriors are a total powerhouse.  The defending NBA champions had a record 73-win season this year and have almost rewritten how to play the game.  As we do on TPS, it got me to thinking about who the alternative music version of Steph Curry and the gang could be.  I really think – as you might’ve guessed by looking at the picture – that it might be Twenty One Pilots.

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