Weekendcore: The Watchmen – “Lusitana”

As these things often go, early last week I got a random song stuck in my head.  Also as these things often go, since it was old I figured “Why not make it the next ‘Weekendcore’?”  See how this often happens?

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Scenematography: Lese Majesty – “Seeking Escape”

Lese Majesty’s sophomore EP Cold Reason for Change came out last Friday.  The Sydney, Australia alt-rockers preceded it not long before with “Seeking Escape”, the effort’s second single and follow-up to “Crown Land”.  With the EP now out, so is the video for said second single.

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Interview: Alexx Calise talks the return of SOC

Alexx Calise is an accomplished pop/rock singer, having released latest single “Breathe” back in November.  It was co-written with Dennis Morehouse, who happens to be the other half of SOC with Calise.  The duo are more artsy alternative, and are back after a long break (debut album No Vampires in Gilroy came out in 2011) with a cover of Sneaker Pimps’ “6 Underground”.  Calise told TPS about all about the return of her non-solo/heavier side.

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Scenematography: Final State – “WAYN?”

Even if I can’t always understand the lyrics, I always enjoy listening to music in other languages.  That said, instead of waiting for the upcoming English version of the latest single from Quebec City’s Final State, we’ll totally get into the French version’s video.

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Blink-182 are doing good stuff, Tom DeLonge is doing good stuff, it’s fine. Everything is fine.

I’m okay with the events that are unfolding currently.

The breakup of Tom DeLonge and Blink-182 wasn’t overly cordial, as we know.  As hard as it was to picture the band without the goofy vocalist/guitarist, that confusion and tension is at least gone for DeLonge, Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker’s sake.  Beyond that, as artists I – now more than ever – think they’re absolutely better apart.

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Weekendcore: Fountains of Wayne – “All Kinds of Time”

It’s Super Bowl Sunday!  The 51st edition of the NFL’s championship game pits the perennially awesome New England Patriots against the offensive-juggernaut Atlanta Falcons.  We need a football-themed “Weekendcore” then don’t we?  OLD SONG 27…THROWBACK 2…ATLANTIC ATLANTIC…SET HUT!  (Right?)

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Interview: VISTA talk new single “Henchmen”, new members

*Photo by Holly Turner.

Back in May, New Jersey rocker Hope Vista’s new Long Island, NY-based band VISTA released debut EP VERSUS.  Fast forward to this past Friday, when the self-described “anthem rock” trio – who, beyond Vista on vocals, now feature Greg Almeida (guitar) and Matthew Vlossak (drums) – released new single “Henchmen”.  That all happened, and they told TPS about all the newness!

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Weekendcore: Taking Back Sunday – “Miami”

I wasn’t crazy about already doing another Taking Back Sunday-themed “Weekendcore”, but Taking Back Sunday are good and appropriate and they have a song that’s good and appropriate for this weekend’s edition.  “TPS in Miami” starts tomorrow, so why not do a song named after the city?

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Interview: Kelly Sirko

While doing it for the sake of doing it isn’t always so, change is good.  Kelly Sirko put out two EPs as Kelly Lynn Barberbut decided a full rebrand was in the cards to truly become who she wanted to become.  The New Jersey native was a Penn State student at the time, but now does her thing in Boston.  New single “If You Were Awake” dishes out vibes of pop-punk and alt-rock, and that’s among what she expanded on with TPS.

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Weekendcore: Billy Talent – “Devil on My Shoulder”

Billy Talent are one of those rare bands you recognize the split second a song starts.  Be it Ben Kowalewicz’s snotty vocals or Ian D’Sa’s choppy open guitar chords, they’re not only awesome but pretty original.  I’ve been on a random kick lately, so why not take “Weekendcore” back to something from these vicious, calculated Toronto boys?

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