Scenematography: Punk Cover Moose – “I Can’t Get Next to You”

I’ve long advocated for a Punk Goes Motown compilation.  While Fearless Records continues to not do that, at least we have Punk Cover Moose knowing that this idea is WHAT IS UP.

My favourite Motown song ever is “I Can’t Get Next to You” by The Temptations, so how happy was I to learn about a punk cover of it?  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania’s Josh “Moose” Mitchell largely keeps the tempo of the original with the requisite heavier feel, and it’s glorious.

The video for “I Can’t Get Next to You” features a triple-split screen featuring Mitchell performing each instrument.  There’s also a lady, who starts out disinterested before he wins her over by the end.  He CAN get next to her zomg!

Punk Cover Moose is solely punk covers of classic songs.  That’s cool, and yes forever to covering The Temptations here.  Go listen to it all, but first the best in “I Can’t Get Next to You”.

Punk Cover Moose online:


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