Scenematography: Mauves – “Eh Fille”

I literally was just saying we need more French rock up in this blizog, so this makes a lot of sense.  (It’s almost as if I can choose what we talk about!!)  Quebec City indie rockers Mauves have released a new video, so whooooaaaa desired content!

“Eh Fille” (“Hey Girl”) is a crawling, almost lounge-worthy jam off last September’s Coco, their latest album.  Minimalist in every sense of the word, the song’s simple instrumentation induces a hypnotic lull.

The video for “Eh Fille” is…a despair-filled orgy according to the above screenshot, but it’s actually a couple of different parties.  First those women are sad, then they’re mad and giving our poor topless hero a hard time.  Halfway though we head downstairs to a happier toga party, and a perhaps-evil Cupid then harpoons someone and…it ends with people sitting together.  Trippy!

French?  Check.  Quebec City forever?  Double check.  Ecoute la musique des Mauves ce soir!

Mauves online:


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