Interview: Inertia

You expected the members, you get the album cover!  Psych!

First off, Happy Independence Day to TPS’ American readers!  Why not celebrate with some good ol’ California rock?

It can be hard to be heavy AND accessible.  Some artists fail out of the gate, while some evolve into it and get ridiculed.  To truly balance the process (!) is to nail it, and Costa Mesa’s Inertia – Dillon Forst (vocals/piano), Zack Harris (guitar), Andrew Chavez (bass) and Joshua Alves (drums) – have done that.  Debut album The Process (!!), out now, has elements of post-hardcore, metal, prog and beyond that are polished enough to pull in people that don’t usually listen to that sound.  Let’s chat with the dudes shall we?

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Weekendcore: Paramore – “Misery Business”

Well…the adorable woman is back on the market, so…there’s that?

After about a decade together and 1 1/2 years of marriage, New Found Glory’s Chad Gilbert and Paramore’s Hayley Williams are breaking up.  Only they really know why, but there are the cheating stories on his part.  So…here’s a song by one of their bands – with fairly appropriate subject matter!

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Track Listing: Canada 150

I was literally giddy when I thought of this logo spoof.  That’s probably sad, but c’mon now!

July 1st is not only Canada Day, but Canada’s 150th birthday.  Canada 150 is the branding being used for it, and since it’s such a special milestone, why stop at simply Canadian artists for this “Track Listing”?  Why not do Canadian artists singing about Canadian SUBJECT MATTER!

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My Can-rock upbringing

I probably said that…I don’t know…

Saturday is July 1st, aka Canada Day.  2017 marks the country’s 150th birthday, and many extra special celebrations are planned because of that.  TPS will kick off its part right now by reminiscing about Canada’s contribution to my own musical fandom.

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Weekendcore: The Story So Far – “Empty Space”

Sometimes I am reminded by my fiancée that I can even enjoy the simplicity of using my iPhone’s Bluetooth to listen to music in the car.  This week that happened, and I rocked a bunch of The Story So Far (which led to JOKES YO).  That said, let’s rock ’em here too for “Weekendcore” shall we?

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Some slightly envious thoughts for Go Skateboarding Day

This is supposed to be me as the logo character.  How about that fresh (?) spoofing?

Today is June 21st, aka Go Skateboarding Day.  It’s marked around the world to celebrate the sport/activity, and couples nicely with some of the music we hold dearest.  TPS is all about the culture too, and in this case your old pal Kevin is all about the jealous longing.

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Weekendcore: Yellowcard – “Life of a Salesman”

Happy Father’s Day to all of TPS’ dad readers!  It’s surprisingly hard to find positive songs about dads in our world.  I was thinking about “Father of Mine” and all those, and having trouble sifting through the negative.  Finally, though, Yellowcard came through in the clutch.

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Scenematography: Mauves – “Eh Fille”

I literally was just saying we need more French rock up in this blizog, so this makes a lot of sense.  (It’s almost as if I can choose what we talk about!!)  Quebec City indie rockers Mauves have released a new video, so whooooaaaa desired content!

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Mashup Thoughts: Wednesday, June 14th

In the midst of a musical book

I just started reading The Art of Asking, the 2014 memoir of Dresden Dolls frontwoman Amanda Palmer.  It details her use of crowdfunding and other ways she’s just asked for help over the years, and it’s pretty interesting.  Once I’m done perhaps it’ll be reviewed right here, much like Scott Weiland’s autobiography.

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Weekendcore: Mix compilations

KB Music in the bottom-right corner!  Teenage me gave my mixes a label don’tcha know.

These days, if people aren’t listening to the radio or proper CDs in their vehicle they’re likely playing music off their phone.  After heading out of town this weekend and listening in that fashion, I got to thinking about how you never hear of the old tried-and-true illegal way people used to put random songs together anymore.

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