Old posts had their format messed in the switch from Blogger to WordPress, so…gotta finally fix that

What I feel like doing instead.

Back in the spring TPS moved from Blogger to WordPress.  No posts were lost during the migration (which is great because some sites do lose stuff), but most of the old ones had their formatting break.  It’s not a huge deal, but it still looks bad for anyone who goes back that far.  I did a couple of page’s worth back when it happened, but I need to do the rest…yeah, that’s the right thing to do right?

This editing will cover like 300 posts, so it’ll take time.  That said, there won’t be any new posts for a few days.  I’m gonna devote all TPS time to fixing the old ones, so you and anyone who digs through the archives can read something that doesn’t look like a small dumpster fire.  I also plan to just own parts that I look back on and think “Yeesh”, rather than doing any revisionist rewrites.  (Bah.)

The good thing about doing this now is it’s the holiday season: people are distracted anyway.  TPS had a break around this time last year funnily enough, so hey…a new tradition!  (It won’t be a new tradition…probably?)  Let’s get the archives cleaned up because that’s what you deserve as a reader.  I don’t know how many days it’ll take, but give me format fixes or give me a blissful stroll into the sea.

So…ugh, we’ll get through this!

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