Mashup Thoughts: Wednesday, June 14th

In the midst of a musical book

I just started reading The Art of Asking, the 2014 memoir of Dresden Dolls frontwoman Amanda Palmer.  It details her use of crowdfunding and other ways she’s just asked for help over the years, and it’s pretty interesting.  Once I’m done perhaps it’ll be reviewed right here, much like Scott Weiland’s autobiography.

Discovering newer artists: Often a tease

One downside of discovering an artist that hasn’t been around that long is they often have basically nothing released.  For instance, I’m pumped about Reach for Neptune (and in fact profiled the Bay Area pop-punkers), but they only have one song up.  An EP is coming, but a dude needs some more ya know?  Being in early on an artist is awesome, but being too early can be a little rough.

Face to Face are still GOAT dad uncles

Aside from not being sure which family member designation they should get, I do know that Face to Face are forever.  When they start tweet-singing a song, it must be acknowledged:

Oh!  Also:

So yeah!

MOAR French rock please

I listened to some Fullcount this morning, and if you will ignore that the Quebec City punks sing in English(!), it’s time to fire up some more Quebec stuff.  Vulgaires Machins, Les Trois Accords, etc….c’mon down!  It won’t really help with learning the language (although I’ll recognize words here and there yay!), but it will help with music that often gets overlooked due to that barrier.  Really, there should be a “Scene Specific” for the province.  That seems like the good thing right?

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