Liner Notes: Wednesday, June 7th

Allie & Ivy has released new single “MONEY”, a sarcastic ode to today’s materialistic society.  You can even grab it via the handy iTunes box on the right-hand side of the page because TP$. *wink and gun*

Speaking of Australian artists, indie rockers Calais have released a new single too.  “Seeing It All” is about…not seeing it all at first because you dove into a relationship and forgot to do you.  But then, that’s realized!

PR super-dude Eric Alper wants to know when musicians who gave up the dream knew it was time.  For me it was when I realized I SUCK ASS AT PLAYING MUSIC.  Before that my indie rock/punk band was signing to Vagrant and becoming an underground force.  Really though, I think touring would do it for me: sleeping on floors and not showering for days on end is uuuggghhhh.  Travelling is the best but…uuuuggghhhhh more comfort is needed.

Watch Them Fly want to know if you want to game with them.  Sports games or GTFO dudes.

Don’t Believe In Ghosts are doing a release show for debut album Give It Meaning June 28th.  It’ll be at Webster Hall in their hometown of New York City.

Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low performed an acoustic version of “Good Times” on MLB Network’s MLB Central.  Nicely done, but F the Orioles!

Finally, Chart Attack spoke to Flogging Molly about their new album Life Is Good.  It’s the follow-up to 2011’s Speed of Darkness, so the catch-up is definitely worthwhile.

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