Liner Notes: Thursday, July 13th

Seaway are dropping new stuff this week, including their cover of “Closer” from the upcoming Punk Goes Motown Pop Vol. 7.  The band tweeted that a “new chapter” is coming, so that’ll be something.

Citizen are back!  You can hear new song “Jet” via their linked-to official website, and new album As You Please will be out October 6th via Run for Cover Records.

Yesterday a big subject regarding the US government was net neutrality.  You can still show your support for it, which you should because a select few controlling how you surf the internet (and being kind of vengeful about it) is bad.  America fuck NO DON’T DO IT.  (That’s not directly music related, but it would totally affect how you enjoy it online.)

Tyson Ritter of The All-American Rejects performed “Swing, Swing” with a string quartet at Emo Nite LA.  Remember that song????

The Pitchfork Music Festival starts tomorrow in Chicago, so get tickets because the cool kids are doing it.

Speaking of concerts and tomorrow, State Champs will be headlining The Road to Riot Fest in September with tickets on sale then.  HomesafeSleep on It and Bearings will open, with the tour kicking off on the 5th in Montreal and ending in Edmonton, Alberta on the 25th; State Champs’ Riot Fest date is included on the 15th.  AAANNNNDDDD (!) their cover of Shawn Mendes’ “Stitches” for Punk Goes Motown Vol. 7 can be heard on the Punk Goes Facebook page.

Finally, are the good folks at Chart Attack okay?  New content has been sporadic over there lately – like TPS levels almost HAHAHAH-*walks into sea*.  Se(a)riously though, I hope all’s well and it’s just a really slow time.

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