Definite nostalgia, possible plot loss

Oh Dears…you had one single that did well a long time ago.

Stuff always happens in the music world.  Record Store Day has announced this year’s offerings, Lollapalooza has announced this year’s lineup, other people have announced things relating to this year…yada yada.  I’ve been slacking lately on TPS though – the blog itself, and social media.  I kind of know why, but I kind of don’t either.

The Perfect Scene has never been a site that just hits you with quick regular music news posts, but it does give the usual reviews, interviews and all that.  I think, though, I kind of miss having more of those original, unconventional posts that 1) this blog really set out to be defined by in the first place and 2) have dried up a bit.  Posts like whether New Found Glory are the official band of summer, who the Golden State Warriors of alternative are, the Alternative Music & Fashion series and so on.  After three years it’s likely that most of the ideas floating around my head have now become posts, but maybe the creativity has just waned a touch.

You tell ’em No Motiv.  Man, I know I live in the early 2000s musically sometimes but it was just so good – and, the stuff that got me into underground music.  Nostalgia!  It’s real.

Truthfully, I’ve been doing things in my life lately that have taken the focus off TPS, and that surely is contributing.  Maybe I’m just thinking back to when this all started for fun, no one was asking for coverage and I just wrote whatever popped into my head.  I don’t know.

Regardless of why, I do apologize for being lax on the total-package coverage recently.  It’ll improve…or it won’t, who knows!  If you’re a newer reader, go back and read some of the OG content.  I’m a much more skilled writer now than when TPS started, but some of that old subject matter was pretty fun.  Maybe the scene was even more…perfect! *gives self middle finger*

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