Weekendcore: Gob -“Soda”

“Weekendcore” on a Monday???  WTF???  Well, it’s the Victoria Day long weekend in Canada (where TPS is based, of course) so yeah!  Let’s celebrate the unofficial start of summer with some appropriate tunage.

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Weekendcore: Smashing Pumpkins – “For Martha”

It’s Mother’s Day.  Some of us can see our mom in person, some have to simply call/Skype/FaceTime/whatever and some can’t get in touch at all.  For this edition of “Weekendcore”, we’re doing a hauntingly beautiful and sombre track that covers the latter.

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Weekendcore: Stone Temple Pilots – “Lady Picture Show”

As mentioned in Friday’s review, I finally read Scott Weiland’s 2011 autobiography Not Dead & Not for Sale last week.  In honour of that, why not have this “Weekendcore” look back at a single from the late frontman’s most well-known musical venture?

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Weekendcore: Whiskey Avengers – “This Is Sharks Territory”

La musica de Los Tiburones.

I’ve been pretty salty lately when it comes to sports.  I actually took a break from them this week because of two reasons: My Toronto Blue Jays are playing terrible, and my San Jose Sharks got knocked out of the playoffs by the mirage known as the Edmonton Oilers.  I really wanted the latter to make the Stanley Cup Final because 1) they made it and lost last year and 2) their two longest-tenured players are impending free agents, and old, and maybe truly done with the team.  I am grumpy, so music must heal.

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Weekendcore: The record store REDUX

*I was pondering something related to today’s Record Store Day for this edition of “Weekendcore”.  I thought about doing record stores themselves, and then remembered that already happened in February!  So, in the spirit of being exceptionally, exceptionally lazy resourceful, let’s give this feature its own treatment by throwing it back to that very (appropriate) post.  You can read it here, or, you know, below.  Weee!

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Weekendcore: Fenix TX – “Phoebe Cates”

Impending boobs and stuff!

2001’s Lechuza was the last album Fenix TX put out before their 2002 breakup.  Appearing on it, as well as the American Pie 2 soundtrack, was “Phoebe Cates”.  It was the first song I’d ever heard by the band, and it’s still my favourite of theirs.

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Weekendcore: Protest the Hero – Kezia

(UPDATE: Umm…I guess this award was given out the night before so it was actually decided already when this post went up.  Fabulous!  Congrats to Mandroid Echostar, FFS!)

The 2017 Juno Awards honour Canadian music tonight in, appropriately enough I suppose, the national capital of Ottawa.  One award is Metal/Hard Music Album of the Year, and among the nominees are Protest the Hero for Pacific Myth.  That’s their latest of course, but back in the day they released a debut t-…I can’t even commit to a joke here because that’s so dumb and obvious – even for me!

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Weekendcore: Joyce Manor – “These Kind of Ice Skates”

I just got back from a skate.  In a few weeks that’ll mean something different, but for now it means ice skating.  So…you know, a song with “Ice Skates” in the title.

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Weekendcore: 311 – “Down”

It’s 311 Day!  2017 isn’t a year for a massive March 11th concert, but the band did announce a summer tour today and have a Facebook Live event planned for 3:11 PST this afternoon.  (Will you see this in time for that?  Who knows!)  In honour, let’s take it back to their breakthrough single.

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Weekendcore: Zwan – “Honestly”

Look at the joy…Billy Corgan joy!

Not long after the Smashing Pumpkins’ breakup, frontman Billy Corgan and drummer Jimmy Chamberlin formed Zwan with Matt Sweeney, Paz Lenchantin and David Pajo.  Their own breakup months after the release of their debut album was a true “WTF?” moment, and for how it went down they’re kind of an almost humorous footnote in modern rock history.  No matter, because at the very least I thought they were cool.

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