Track Listing: Canada 150

I was literally giddy when I thought of this logo spoof.  That’s probably sad, but c’mon now!

July 1st is not only Canada Day, but Canada’s 150th birthday.  Canada 150 is the branding being used for it, and since it’s such a special milestone, why stop at simply Canadian artists for this “Track Listing”?  Why not do Canadian artists singing about Canadian SUBJECT MATTER!

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Track Listing: Chris Cornell

I had an entirely different post planned for tonight, but obviously this morning’s news preempted that.  Chris Cornell was found to have hanged himself after Soundgarden’s show last night in Detroit, and this will instead be a tribute to one of alt-rock’s most celebrated frontmen.

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Track Listing: Christmas Songs (2016)

Christmas is in just 10 days.  10 days!  That is not far off.  New related music comes out each year, and 2016 is no different.  So, as an encore to 2014’s version, let’s fire up another festive “Track Listing”!

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Track Listing: Alternative Hip-Hop

Logo - Track Listing
While regular vocalists do more overall with their voice, rapping is a science in itself.  The overall discipline that it takes to control your breathing and clearly enunciate while packing in a ton of words is pretty amazing.  Combine that with a rock (and otherwise) vibe, and that’s just interesting.  In this “Track Listing” we’ll look at some alternative hip-hop that…hey remember when rap-rock was in?  I just realized I meant to mention that earlier in this opening paragraph, but…meh, let’s hear songs!

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Track Listing: Back to School

Logo - Track Listing
Depending on where you live, school’s either back in or about to be.  (Starting in August by the way?  Gross.)  So, let’s enjoy some songs for the occasion!

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Track Listing: Independence Day (2016)

Track Listing - Independence Day
It’s July 4th, which means it’s time to wish a happy Independence Day to TPS’ American readers!  That also means it’s time for a “Track Listing”, because that’s how we celebrate holidays on this blog!  Whether you’re American or not, let’s enjoy some music from said country.

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Track Listing: Canada Day (2016)

Track Listing - Canada Day
Today is Canada’s 149th birthday!  As we do, that means it’s time for a “Track Listing” to help you with a soundtrack for it – whether you’re Canadian or otherwise.  Time for a cross-country rock trip W00T!

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Track Listing: Stanley Cup Soundtrack

Logo - Track Listing
Tonight is Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final between the San Jose Sharks and Pittsburgh Penguins.  In honour of that, it’s time for a “Track Listing” that pits (Pitts?) the two markets against each other – well, not really “against” but it’ll be Bay Area and Pittsburgh artists on display so yeah!

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Track Listing: This One’s For The Girls, Vol. 2

Girls Single

There’s a part of me that feels bad doing this “Track Listing”, because female rockers shouldn’t be considered a novelty and I don’t want it to come off like they are.  But, as touched on in the original version, beautiful women who can also melt your face off with music are a wonderful thing.  They deserve to be highlighted as such!

Track Listing: Pop-Punk

Track Listing

There are people that think pop-punk is a phase.  That it’s music for youngins and you eventually grow out of it.  Well, tell that to the older people who still play it and the older fans who still eat it up.  Count me in as one of the latter, and if you read TPS enough I’m sure you’re also in either category.  So, grab a slice of pizza, put your Vans-clad feet up and let’s create the soundtrack ya (pop) punk!

We Are The Movies – “The Story So Far”

Let’s start with this solid band from Columbus, Ohio.  “The Story So Far” (The Story So Far?…“The Story So Far”???  HAHA MOAR POP-PUNK!) comes off their latest EP Get Busy Living…, which came out last month.  (We reviewed it!)  It’s a song about breaking free and carving your own path, with some awesome, driving bass pedal in the chorus.  We Are The Movies play Road To Warped in June, but they should totally be on the actual tour sooner than later.

Heroes Like Villains – “Red Ribbons” (Ft. Christian Fisher)

Why not stay with Columbus right?  Heroes Like Villains released their debut EP Amends in February, with this being the first single.  It starts off with clean guitar and chorus vocals before a full-out intro-type interlude.  Singer David Butler has softer vocals, but ones that do have the genre’s typical sound.  They also duel with Settle Your Scores‘ Christian Fisher in the bridge and outro.  (SYS is another Ohio pop-punk act, of course…MOAR POP-PUNK ZOMG!)  Heroes Like Villains are in the running to play the Ernie Ball Stage at the Warped Tour’s Cleveland date, so go give them a vote.

Right On, Kid – “Excuse Me If This Gets Loud”

More Colu-…kidding!  Albuquerque, New Mexico time!  On The Brighter Side of Things is the debut EP from Right On, Kid.  It came out last Friday, and this track is the opener.  It slows things down from the first two songs in this “Track Listing”, although it does have fast moments too.  Deliberate strumming drives this number about something unattainable.  Also, Jaseboards, so…skateboarding is POP-PUNK LIKE WHOA.  (It’s all working huh?  Also, ignore the fact that the player says “Blackridge Drive”.  It’ll play the song we talked about, although listen to the other one too obviously!)

Blink-182 – “Bored To Death”

Who the hell are these guys???  Blink-182 debuted their first single post-Tom Delonge yesterday, and it broke the rock section of the internet.  “Bored To Death” sounds like latter-day Blink, but with the noted influence of new guitarist Matt Skiba.  Travis Barker works the snare as he does, and gives the bass pedal a nice workout in the epic chorus.  Mark Hoppus takes the vocal lead but Skiba’s there too, and if you worried about a Delonge-less Blink you clearly don’t realize how kickass Matt Skiba is.  (He only fronts, you know, the best band in the world.)  Their new album California is out July 1st, the 182nd day of the year (as astutely predicted by’s Jason Tate).

How great is all that?  It’s very hard to go wrong with pop-punk, so featuring it is always a delight.  I was also a total genre cliche not long ago, but who argues?  You can defend that.