Track Listing: Songs From New Releases (Mostly?)

So new music is good right?  Whether relating to an upcoming or recent release, or even something that doesn’t appear to have a set connection yet, let’s run down some songs that are hot off the presses.

Falling Awake – “Planes”

Little Rock, Arkansas isn’t considered a pop-punk hotbed but Falling Awake do their best to represent the genre at home and abroad.  The trio have a self-titled EP behind them (which you can download free at their Bandcamp) and are taking pre-orders now for their debut full-length Constants & Variables, which comes out March 24th.  “Planes” is the first single, a vocally-impassioned song about lost love.  I’d say the drumming is my favourite part, with some interesting fills and good single use of the ride cymbal.  You can also get that for free at their Bandcamp.

Slow Turismo – “Corners”

Canberra’s Slow Turismo awesomely describe themselves as “elegant post-funk” on their Facebook page.  The five-piece, who include Conway brothers Sam, Max and Riley, offer up some atmospheric indie pop with this one, that I think – because everyone interprets lyrics differently so who the hell really knows right? – talks about wanting to stand out and finding yourself.  It’s vocally beautiful, with Sam Conway’s voice the highlight of the track and band.  They’re actually doing a short Australian tour around this song this month with Tully On Tully.

Short Skirts – “All Sliced Up”

Let’s go to Scandinavia!  First, with Trondheim, Norway’s Short Skirts.  This garagey punk offering is a true story about motorcycles and a resulting night in the hospital.  Clocking in at an appropriate 2:15, this song immediately caught my attention for its first line: “in the back of a car, smoking fags”.  “Fag” as a term for cigarette doesn’t get used in North America so at first I thought “what?” but then was like “oh right, Europe!”  The video for “All Sliced Up” has a vintage feel and of course, short skirts.  See what happened there?

Blackshots – “Cage” (Alex Zelenka Walking Dead Remix)

From Norway to Stockholm, we get a little electronic with this remix.  Described as “if DAF fucked My Bloody Valentine“, “Cage” has a really cool industrial feel to it, and the original (of course) reminds of Nine Inch Nails.  It’s a good, dark listen.

The Rebel Light – “Strangers”

If you like your modern with a big dose of classic, the indie pop of Los Angeles’ The Rebel Light is for you. “Strangers” is a psychedelic tune with bass/drums-dominant verses, which I love because it sounds like a longer bridge.  Plus, bassists are really the overlooked band member and deserve to be highlighted right?  These guys bleed their California home and are a good sit-and-chill-out listen.

The Perfect Addiction – “Toxic”

Chandler, Arizona pop-rockers The Perfect Addiction released their latest EP Ecstasy last year, and did “Living Room Sessions” as stripped-down re-imaginings of those songs.  “Toxic” is the second of four that they did, and they’re working on a follow-up to Ecstasy now.  A new single is coming out next month, and we’ll also await their new bassist as Trevor Dodson left the band earlier this year.  In the meantime, enjoy “Toxic” and further bone up on TPA by reading their chat with TPS.

How do you like them apples?  If we get any further details on albums that the unclaimed new singles appear on we’ll pass that along, but for now enjoy some hot and ready* tunes.

(*Please don’t sue Little Caesar’s, I’m just sayin’.)